company overview

About Hydromehr
Hydromehr Group Corp with more than a decade of experience of its founders in designing, manufacturing, supplying items and industrial hydraulic systems, lubrication of gearboxes industries such as steel, shipping, machine building, etc., with the aim of establishing a specialized center in the field of engineering hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication and filtration, started its activities in 1391.
The group is now in the following fields to provide professional services to all companies and industries (petroleum, petrochemical, steel, machine building, cement, etc.), craftsmen and respected colleagues.
– Design and engineering
In this section all the designing, modeling, drawing, computing systems, fluids, doing sizing and preparation of technical documents related to hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication and filtration is carried out.
– Manufacturing
In this section the construction and production of all components of the systems hydraulic, pneumatic, lubrication of the cylinder, tank, block and … done.
– Commerce and supply parts
All equipment in the construction sector in the country is not possible, ranging from types of valves, pumps and sensors fluids of brands according to the customer’s needs, is affordable and offers.
– Services
In this section, repairs, piping and flushing, pressure testing, updating legacy systems and trained in the proper use of equipment provided is based fluids.
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